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Adam Kennedy: A Few of My Favourite Things

Published September 10, 2013

CPAN currently has 124,314 Perl modules in 28,202 distributions, written by 10,897 authors.

In a word: WOW.

With such a wealth of modules available it's easy to overlook some gems. Join us as Adam Kennedy shares some of his favorite under-appreciated CPAN modules.

As maintainer or warden of 227 modules, Adam Kennedy is one of the most prolific and productive members of the CPAN community. Currently he's putting his talents to work at Kaggle, helping to solve complex data science problems.

NOTA BENE! Because this is the first time we've streamed/recorded a session, there are some quality issues with this video. The streaming application did not accept the selection of an external microphone, using the onboard MacBook mic instead. Because of this at a couple of points in the video it's difficult to hear Adam over the sound of typing on the recording MacBook, As well, many of his slides are very washed out. You can find those slides here in PDF form. Rest assured we shall continue to improve video quality as we learn more about this process.

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